Meet Jess!

Hi, I am Jess, I am an award-winning mindset & business coach and serial entrepreneur having scaled 4 successful businesses in the last 7 years… it’s safe to say, I’ve built my fair share of business experience!

In the last 3-4 years, I have found my true passion in my work as a business coach. I love helping other female entrepreneurs unleash their potential and believe than anything is truly possible! Combine that with my coaching certifications, experience in business and my innovative strategies for growth, I am passionate about helping you reach your goals and live your dream life!

I have scaled and grown businesses in many different business models; I have had the product business, an influencer travel agency, digital marketing, events & photoshoot venue, and service based with my coaching so I have a repertoire of experience to help my clients reach their goals! I pride myself on not just teaching theory but sharing my experiences, knowledge, contact and anything that I have that will help my clients succeed! I have done the hard work so you can reap the benefits and fast track your success!

When I’m not busy supporting my incredible clients and getting them epic results in their businesses… I love to explore and go on adventures or relax at the beach!

All of this is possible for you too! And all you need to do is to decide now.

Ways I can help you:

1:1 Business Coaching

Reach your goals and truly discover what you want from life & business. As a certified Business Coach, I can help you grow personally & professionally and will push you to dream bigger, and achieve whatever you set your mind to!

Courses, Masterminds & Masterclasses

Featuring my other programs to check out:

  • Projector Magic Mastermind
  • $55k Month Masterclass
  • Next Level Wealth Masterclass

Ignite The Dream Retreat

This retreat is designed to combine advanced masterclasses to help you grow your business, deep personal growth & mindset sessions, relaxing, fun and some wine of course!

Join us for 3 days of immersion & growth!

The Dream Big Journal Bundle

I know you’ve got big goals, so lets make it happen!!

Dream Big Journal + Goals & Mindset Course


Jess Williamson The Podcast

Podcast link: for all things Business, Mindset, Lifestyle, Money!

Award winning Mindset & Business Coach and female entrepreneur, Jess Williamson, shares her mindset practices, wealth building journey, and the business strategies you need to grow a successful online business. In open and honest solo episodes, Jess shares inspirational insights into her unique way of doing business as an introvert and Human Design Projector. Along with special guest episodes with other successful female entrepreneurs, Jess Williamson The Podcast takes you behind the scenes, sharing strategies and tools to help you overcome limiting beliefs, unleash your potential and grow a successful online business without sacrificing your lifestyle.

If you are a female entrepreneur who is ready to level up your mindset and achieve your wildest dreams this podcast is for you! A series of real, open, honest and raw chats to help you unleash your power and live your dream life!

A combination of solo episodes and interviews with inspiring friends and women I have had the privilege to work with or meet along my entrepreneurial journey and so I wanted to share this casual interview chats with you all, to leave you feeling empowered and inspired.

Listen to my latest fave podcast episode from Jess, so relatable!

From NICE GIRL people pleasing to BADASS BOSS!




Instagram: @jess.williamson8