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Poppet & Co. Women’s Wellness is a complete wellness space created to nourish, educate and inspire women on their well-being journey.

Welcome to Poppet & Co

At Poppet & Co. Women’s Wellness, you and your health are our number one priority. We aim to provide you with a safe and supportive platform to nourish, educate and inspire all women to begin their journey to becoming well women – and we’re here for you every step of the way.

Poppet & Co was born from the struggles that most women experience in life and the search for a solution that we couldn’t find anywhere else. And when no solutions were found, we did what sisters do best – we did it for ourselves!

Our nutritional supplement range aims to address the many hormonal changes women experience during these stages, such as PMS, hormonal acne, fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding, post-natal depression and menopause. Our supplements also address common issues such as stress, fatigue, anxiety, gut and skin health, anti-aging, weight loss and overall well-being.

All of our ingredients have been hand selected and carefully formulated to the highest standard, using premium quality, bioavailable ingredients which are all proudly made in Australia and approved by the TGA to ensure your utmost safety and efficacy.

After years of hard work researching, trialling and sourcing ingredients and formulas, sleepless nights and endless days, Poppet & Co. Women’s Wellness is proud to announce the launch of our very first 100% natural, plant-based supplement, De’Bloat Botanicals. And this is just the beginning.

De’Bloat Botanicals will be the first of a line of supplements that perfectly align with the Poppet & Co. mission and values. De’Bloat Botanicals is for us women who experience painful abdominal bloating, whether that’s from poor diet, medication or your monthly cycle. Say goodbye to that uncomfortable stomach bulge. De’Bloat Botanicals does too. Not only does it focus on decreasing abdominal bloating, it also supports skin health, aids in healthy liver function and the metabolism of carbohydrates.

We love the environment and through our supplements, the environment loves us too!

That’s why here at Poppet & Co. Women’s Wellness, we pride ourselves on being a planet-conscious and Earth-friendly company.

We ensure that not only are all our supplements made from 100% natural, plant-based, dairy and gluten-free ingredients but also that our packaging is recyclable, sustainable, reusable or biodegradable – even our plastic is BPA-free.

This means that in addition to taking care of your own health and wellness, you’re also taking care of the environment.

You already have your new best friend, the next step is to find your new favourite product.

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