The Miss Mindset Podcast with Guest Speaker Abigail Joy from Poppet & Co. Women’s Wellness. 

Who were you before the world told you who to be? How to reconnecting to your true self leads to freedom, alignment and purpose with founder of Poppet & Co. Abigail AKA ELSA!

Tune into a high vibe frequency as @missmindset_ and I bring you all the woo and dive deep into trusting your intuition, taking that leap of faith, letting go of the old to allow in the new and becoming more aligned with your true authentic self as you dare to dream big! ​​​​​​​​

If you are in need of some guidance on how to harness your intuition, some courage to step into your power and leave behind what no longer serves you to follow what lights you up or are ready to completely level up your life in a BIG way, grab your head phones and tune in to this inspiring and uplifting episode that I am so honored and beyond excited to be a guest speaker on.

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This inspiring episode serves as a reminder that it doesn’t matter where you are in life, you can achieve freedom, alignment & purpose by reconnecting to your true self.

Episode 88 on The Miss Mindset Podcast, Breanna chats to the incredible, genuine soul that is Abigail (aka Elsa) from Poppet & Co. Women’s Wellness.

Tune in to hear them chat about;

  • What lead Abigail to join LUL
  • How the LUL course material lead to a huge A-HA moment
  • Abigail’s proof that she was on the right path
  • The crazy intuitive downloads Abigail experienced during LUL

Abigail is proof that when you put in the work, dive into yourself and your soul and stop caring what others think you can make your dream life a reality and you can too!