Meet Our Founder

Poppet & Co Women’s Wellness is an Australian-based company, established in 2020 by Founder Abigail Joy

Meet Abigail

“Anything is possible, with sunshine, supplements & a little pink.”

Pursuing Her Passion

Abigail grew up in sunny North Queensland, on the east coast of Australia. Her parents both worked in the health and medical field and from a young age, they exposed her to the wonders of both complementary and western medicine. Naturally, she inherited her passion to help others from her parents and went on to study a Bachelor of Medical Science and Nutrition at Central Queensland University.

After graduating, Abigail worked hard and spent 15 years working in the health and medical industry across Australia and the United Kingdom. While specialising in women’s health, nutrition, hormones and the skin, a spark of passion was lit inside of her. She went on to study dermal science and nursing in Perth, Western Australia where her passion expanded into women’s health and supplement formulation. She knew she’d found her life’s calling…

What’s in a name? 

When brainstorming ideas for company names that reflected her personality, Abigail knew she wanted to honour her late father. Since his passing, Abigail cherishes every single memory of their time together and would give anything to hear him call her “Poppet” just one more time. He was an integral part of her upbringing and education. The knowledge, values and skills he instilled in her, unknowingly prepared Abigail for creating this company.

So, in his honour, his little Poppet named her company Poppet & Co. Women’s Wellness.

Poppet & Co. combines Abigail’s past studies with her passion for women’s wellness to provide beautiful and effective supplements for women and children. These supplements specifically target the many hormonal changes women go through within their lifetime.

Just like you (and many women out there) Abigail was sick of suffering from PMS, anxiety and hormonal acne. She wanted to feel well – don’t we all?!

Like many of us women, Abigail wanted to experience the best life had to offer without the dreaded feelings of overwhelm, pain or fatigue. So, she began trialling various vitamins, minerals and herbs to improve her quality of life. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to do the trick.

Abigail decided to take matters into her own hands (as us women tend to do) and begin formulating her very own supplements in 2020. With this, flourished the desire to help other suffering women conquer their health and wellness – and from that Poppet & Co. Women’s Wellness was born.

Stops on a woman’s hormonal roller coaster


Hormonal acne

Fertility and Infertility





Post-natal depression and baby blues


Gut health

Thyroid imbalances


We know that for some, these can be small bumps and turns, and for others, it’s a 100-foot drop that greatly affect their quality of life. So of course, we want to help you get off the rollercoaster, stop feeling woozy and enjoy the rest of the fun park.

Abigail believes that all women deserve to feel like their best selves every day. It’s her hope that Poppet & Co. can nourish, support, educate and inspire all women to be well women.

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“Anything is Possible, with Sunshine, Supplements & a Little Pink” 

Abigail’s Mission

“It is my mission to create beautiful and unique nutritional supplements for women that effectively nourish and support the physical and emotional concerns of women of all ages and stages across the globe.” – Abigail Joy

Every woman deserves to be a WELLWOMAN; Nourished, Balanced, Beautiful.

Abigail Joy x